Here are some useful software packages, papers, books and other materials for doing and learning about pulsars, neutron stars and radio astrophysics in general.


  • Handbook of Pulsar Astronomy - Book by Lorimer and Kramer.
  • Nanohertz Gravitational Wave Astronomy - Book by Stephen R. Taylor
  • Gravitational-Wave Physics And Astronomy - Book by Jolien D. E. Creighton and Warren G. Anderson
  • Essential Radio Astronomy - Book by James J. Condon and Scott M. Ransom
  • Milestones in the Pulsar Literature - a comprehensive list by Alessandro Ridolfi
  • Pulsar Astronomy (Cambridge Astrophysics Book) by Andrew Lyne and Francis Graham-Smith

  • Lectures and Talks

  • Pulsars by G Srinivasan - A part of summer course organised by TIFR-ICTS, Bangalore
  • Millisecond Pulsars by Professor G Srinivasan
  • NCRA Winter School on Radio Astronomy
  • Using celestial clocks to discover Gravitational Waves - Prof. B. C. Joshi

  • Softwares developed by the collaboration

    Software name About software details Get it on
    ugmrt2fil A package to convert uGMRT raw data files to sigproc-filterbank format. Link

    pinta A data analysis pipeline for upgraded GMRT pulsar data. It RFI mitigates and folds uGMRT data to form PSRFITS archives. Detailed description of pinta is given in Susobhanan et al., 2020.

    pinta is now available at GMRT as an observatory pipeline.

    See this user guide for instructions on how to access it.

    DMCalc A python based script that estimates the Dispersion Measure (DM) of wide-band pulsar data in psrfits format. More details and the results obtained using this can be seen in Krishnakumar et al. (2020) Link
    PULPS A python package that simulates pulsar profiles with DM variations and scatter-broadening. currently under-preparation

    Useful Softwares

    Software name About software details Get it on
    TEMPO2 A high precision pulsar timing tool Developed at the ATNF mainly by George Hobbs and Russell Edwards. Significant enhancements have also been made by Joris Verbiest. Read the documentation here . Find some examples here . BitBucket

    ENTERPRISE A pulsar timing analysis code, aimed at noise analysis, gravitational-wave searches, and timing model analysis. ENTERPRISE--Enhanced Numerical Toolbox Enabling a Robust PulsaR Inference SuitE. Developed by NANO-Grav. Read the documentation here Github
    GPTOOL GMRT Pulsar Tool is a RFI mitigation and pulsar processing tool for GMRT beamformer data Developed by Aditya Chowdhury and Yashwant Gupta. Github
    RFIclean Excises Get itic RFI (broadband as well as narrow-band) in the Fourier domain, and then mitigates narrow-band spectral line RFI as well as broadband bursty time-domain RFI using robust statistics. Details of the methods used in RFIClean as well as some of the early scientific contributions of RFIClean can be found in this paper. GitHub
    PSRCHIVE Open Source C++ development library for the analysis of pulsar astronomical data. Implements an extensive range of algorithms for use in pulsar timing, scintillation studies, polarimetric calibration, single-pulse work, RFI mitigation, etc. Utilized by a powerful suite of user-end programs that come with the library. The software is described in Hotan, van Straten & Manchester (2004). Source-Forge
    DSPSR Open Source C++ development library for digital signal processing of pulsar astronomical timeseries. Implements an extensive range of algorithms for use in coherent dedispersion, filterbank formation, pulse folding, etc. Utilized by a powerful suite of user-end programs that come with the library. Source-Forge
    PSRCAT PSRCAT (ATNF Pulsar catalogue)- is a web-based application that serves as a catalog for radio pulsars. Observational properties of pulsars, Ephemeris, etc. can be enlisted through it. ATNF

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