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Data Releases

InPTA is a member of International Pulsar Timing collaboration (IPTA) and is committed to release its data to IPTA and public users at regular interval. This Data Release Ia is the first release of high precision Dispersion Measure (DM) measurements obtained as part of the experiment. InPTA DRIa covers three years between 2018-2021.

InPTA Data Release Ia : GitHub , Download ZIP file


Softwares developed by InPTA collaboration


ugmrt2fil is a package to convert uGMRT raw data files to sigproc-filterbank format.

Get ugmrt2fil on GitHub


pinta is a data analysis pipeline for upgraded GMRT pulsar data. It RFI mitigates and folds uGMRT data to form PSRFITS archives. A detailed description of pinta is given in Susobhanan et al., 2020. pinta is now available at GMRT as an observatory pipeline. See this user guide for instructions on how to access pinta at GMRT.

Get pinta on GitHub


DMCalc is a Python based script that estimates the Dispersion Measure (DM) of wide-band pulsar data in psrfits format. More details and the results obtained using this can be seen in Krishnakumar et al. (2020).

Get DMCalc on GitHub


PulPS is a Python package that simulates pulsar profiles with DM variations and scatter-broadening. PulPS is currently under-preparation.

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